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The platform for careers in Science & Research. Worldwide.

science.career  will be the premier address for companies & corporations, universities, research facilities, scientific institutions etc. to publish - disclosed or undisclosed - their vacant positions for scientists and academics in basic and in applied research. Vacancies published on this expert platform are precisely targeted at the right candidates. Locally and across the world.

Consequently, science.career will be the preferred and trusted source and mandatory point of reference for candidates aiming at challenging careers in Science & Research. In their own country or elsewhere in the world.

»  Tracking down top-notch talent requires searching around the globe

For the future of top scientific & research institutions, level and performance of their scientists and researchers are more crucial than ever. Reaching and hiring top talent is of primary importance. However, as candidates are working in all corners of the world a focused search on a global basis is essential for success.

As an expert platform focussed on Science, we provide a win-win solution for both parties. Researchers and scientists all over the world, when reaching out to challenging positions in the newest Science & Research fields, visit primarily the global platform science.career where they find a great number of eligible career opportunities in various countries under one umbrella. Employers, in turn, have an effective and yet economical tool to ensure that their vacancies are found and responded to by eligible candidates scattered around the globe. No other job platform shows science & research fields so detailed and up-to-date as this one.

»  Box number ads, trustee services  (optional)

Upon request we publish vacancies without disclosing our client's name. We forward incoming applications to our client by strictly observing blocking notices, i.e. no passing-on to employers being excluded by candidates.

However, many candidates at medium and higher levels initiate discreet contact with us to clarify important points before actually applying. At this delicate stage we are in confidential contact with both client and candidates, always strictly protecting identity and interests of both parties. In each phase, both parties can fully rely on our uncompromised confidentiality and profound experience relating to the successsful filling of high-calibre positions in Research and Science. Quite a few high-carat candidates can only be reached and motivated for a career move via this confidential channel.